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I Got A Youtube!

2011-11-13 14:41:50 by ninjakiwi76

Come And Visit and Watch Some Of My Vids ^.^ 1?feature=mhee#g/a


2011-06-03 18:06:25 by ninjakiwi76 l4Wo

long ago, In a village in england, a baby was born.

"when this boy becomes of age, he shall become a Padalin" says the Father.

" No, not just a padalin, our son will become a hero" says the mother silently. She passes away.

"NOOO!!!" Screams the father in rage. He quickly takes out his sword and goes to kill the child, blaming it for the death of his wife. Then, a mysterious shadow comes up behind him and touches the father. The father Dropped dead. The shadow carries the infant away from the hospital...[TO BE CONTINUED]...

-NOTE: I will make this into a flash SOMEHOW if I finish the story.


2011-04-14 20:34:14 by ninjakiwi76

It's my birthday! (for may 9)

Moving to Canada...

2011-03-19 12:11:30 by ninjakiwi76


Sexual squirrels got so stupid sunday. (my freind told me to do this) NOTE: I am,NOT doing this to make it that way people will comment or whatever, but I used it for a for a fun activity.

Amber Lamps...

2011-03-09 20:29:24 by ninjakiwi76

Freaked out a little bit becuase I heard that she died 50 years ago. But she was on a subway... The same subway I'm going to tommorow e_0 If you know anything else like taht the rumor is wrong or that she is still alive, tell me before tommorow.

I want to start making flash, But I do not know any resources that I can use. Here is what I have : 312836kb (physical) Please tell me something I can download that wont make my computer laggy.

Help me think...

2011-02-21 19:48:23 by ninjakiwi76

... About something that I should draw. I can not think of anything at all.And I also have got to give my teacher a picture drawn by 2/22/11 at 1:00 pm. Please, help me think!

I just beat all three (The good ones) and I started them about 3 months ago. It was hard, due to the tank-like controls which where hard to get a hold of. Plus, the puzzles where hard and I hated the camera view when your in a zombie infested place. But everything else is good. Great game! I also beat resident evil 4 and 5 awhile ago when they released. Oh, and the resident evil's graphics are quite good via the release date.

Just beat resident evil: code veronica,1, 2, and 3 (Finnaly!)